YOMI Luminous Armchair
  • YOMI Luminous Armchair
  • YOMI Luminous Armchair
  • YOMI Luminous Armchair
  • YOMI Luminous Armchair

YOMI Luminous Armchair

If you are looking for a modern and contemporary design lighted chair, then the new Yomi Eko Luminous design inflatable chair will satisfy you. This armchair equipped with LED lighting reveals a frosted aspect to diffuse the light. It will bring a unique atmosphere to your living room and will give a festive side to your long evenings in terrace. It will find its place in your living rooms as well as outside, by the pool or on your terrace. 

In addition to its unique design and its LED lighting, this high-end chair is produced with eco-responsible materials and is easy to maintain. The Yomi Eko Luminous chair is perfect for modern and contemporary homes.

Design inflatable chair available in frosted orange, green, pink, blue or white.

$ USD 210.03
Color: Pink
Frame: Aluminium

TPU is a "cold" material. Transparent models let the sun's rays through, so they remain cool to the touch even when exposed to direct sunlight! (However, we recommend a shady corner for smoked black).

Black aluminum frame.

With intensive or extreme use, there's no risk of a weld between the seat and back tearing, as the welds are no longer present.

Care: use soapy water or ice-washing detergent. Do not use alcohol or acetone.

Winterization: if you're located in a rainy, cold area in winter, we recommend either protecting it with a cover, or putting it back in its case.

Warranty: 1 year, with the possibility of a one-year extension.

Delivery to your home within 72 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays).


TPU is a new recyclable and biodegradable material, odorless and chlorine-free. An innovative and durable material, TPU combines technical properties of strength and flexibility. It provides excellent resistance to temperature extremes (high and low), and has exceptional impact, tear and UV resistance properties.

Our products are designed to last. Thanks to a hyper-resistant TPU of 0.8 mm, thicker than a swimming pool liner, a MOJOW chair can comfortably accommodate a person weighing up to 150 kg (300 kg of resistance for a sofa).

Dogs and cats allowed! The hyper-resistant TPU of our armchairs and sofas allows our animal friends to settle in without risk. However, be careful: If you have a young dog that wants to teethe, or a cat that wants to claw, it is obvious that they will damage your MOJOW.

Impossible to pierce a MOJOW by inadvertence, our products fear only the malicious stabs of knife!

All our products are fireproof, to meet the safety standards of the luxury hotel industry.


Data sheet

9.6 kg
Maximum supported weight
150 kilos
Ultra-strong eco-friendly TPU and aluminum frame.
New material hyper resistant, recyclable and biodegradable, odorless and containing no chlorine

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Eco-responsible product

Le TPU est un nouveau matériau recyclable et biodégradable, sans odeur et sans chlore. Matériau innovant et durable, le TPU combine des propriétés techniques de résistance et de flexibilité. Il assure une excellente résistance aux conditions extrêmes de température (hautes et basses), et possède des propriétés exceptionnelles de résistance aux chocs, à la déchirure et aux UV.

Grâce au TPU et à l'optimisation de son emballage, MOJOW s'inscrit dans une démarche écologique et vise à réduire considérablement son empreinte carbone.


MOJOW is a partner of logistics provider GEODIS. Its presence throughout mainland France means it can deliver to your door within 24 to 72 hours, according to a time slot agreed with GEODIS, depending on the region.

For the record, MOJOW is the only French designer furniture brand that can fit 200 armchairs and 100 sofas into one van! Perfect for keeping your carbon footprint under control.


The new YOMI chairs

The new YOMI chairs have evolved. The seats are no longer welded to the backrests. This makes it possible to mix and match colors and facilitates cleaning.

When you buy a two-tone YOMI model, you get an additional seat in the color of your choice.

TPU : un matériau éco-responsable et résistant