- Chairs and sofas are very durable, as long as they are properly inflated.

- To judge the quality of the inflation, the chair or sofa should not be soft, nor should it be hard like a football or basketball. It must be rigid, it must hold you perfectly without collapsing, when you sit down, in two words it must be comfortable. When you press your hand on the seat, you should feel some resistance.

- During the first inflation, the PVC or the TPU, taken out of its packaging, will gradually relax. To provide the necessary rigidity, you may have to reinflate it slightly the next day, since the material will be fully "deflated".

- A well-inflated chair can accommodate a 150 kg person without risk (300 kg resistance for a sofa).

- A good inflation allows a better rigidity of the seat (sofa and armchair). This is the law of physics! In case of under-inflation, the weight of the seated person presses strongly on the welds, since the air contained inside the chair (or the sofa) "compensates" for the weight of the person.

- A good inflation allows the product to be comfortable.

- Proper inflation allows the product to deflate quickly.

- A good inflation allows the product to be more aesthetic.

- In indoor mode, once inflated, you will not have to reinflate your MOJOW.

- In outdoor mode, prefer light colors in full sun (white, crystal, orange, pink). Important: clear transparent colors have the advantage of letting the sun's rays pass through, that in white to reflect the sun's rays, and thus allow your chair or sofa to remain relatively cool even by high temperature. The other colors are more to place outside in a shady area. Outside in some regions in the north we can in late winter early spring and mid and late fall of large temperature contrasts in the day leading to the phenomenon of shrinking air. This is another law of physics: when the air cools, it takes up less space! Therefore, if the mattress is perfectly inflated when the air shrinks, it will not look "deflated".


- Our products are designed to last for many years when properly maintained.

- They are easy to maintain and can be cleaned with water, soap (or possibly a window cleaner) and a cloth.

- To enjoy your MOJOW as long as possible, we advise you to place them under cover during extreme temperatures: below 0°C or above 40°C.

- During a period of heat wave, we advise you to place your MOJOW in the shade and/or to slightly reduce the inflation.

- If you wish to place your MOJOW in full sun, we advise you to choose the clear colors (crystal, orange, pink, white), the other colors are more to position in a shaded place.

- If you arrange your MOJOW in full sun, we advise you to reduce very slightly the pressure of inflation, in order to maintain the comfort of the seat.

- If you use your MOJOW furniture outside, remember to put it under cover in the winter: either brought inside, or dismantled to be stored in its original packaging. It will then be able to come out in top form, as soon as the first rays of spring sunshine arrive.

- The stainless aluminum structure does not require any specific maintenance. It is designed to be disassembled and reassembled at will if you wish, but it can also spend the winter outside.

- The SIPO structure made in France is hyper-resistant, it can spend the winter outside. With time, the wood will slightly gray, like all exotic woods left outside. You can, if you wish, use a high pressure jet to restore its original appearance.

- Clear products are customizable. In addition to the inflation valves (seats and backrests), the products have a filling valve on the seat to integrate the decorative elements of your choice. Children's marbles, feathers, polystyrene, Lego, corks, casino chips, small sample bottles of perfume... Let your imagination run wild! Be careful not to put more than 2kg to 3kg of decorative products inside. Be careful, it's easy to put in decorative items, but more difficult to take them out.

TPU hyper résistant

Suitable for animals

UV Protection

Reinforced welding

Seating comfort