The new YOMI armchairs and sofas have evolved. The seats are no longer welded to the backrests. This makes it possible to mix and match colors and facilitates cleaning.

French-designed furniture, made from super-strong, eco-responsible materials*.

* Aluminum frames, seats in crystal pop colors, or translucent for luminous models, in inflatable TPU. TPU has unrivalled shock-, tear- and UV-resistant properties, while combining flexibility and comfort.

Why has the warranty on the new YOMIs been extended from 2 to 4 years?

We have made significant changes to the YOMI collection because, although our products and models are protected worldwide, in 2023 we discovered a very large number of counterfeits concerning this collection. Counterfeiters were selling and presenting poor-quality copies on social networks and various platforms, using our photos and some even going so far as to pass themselves off as MOJOW.

To solve this problem, we first upgraded our YOMI by separating the seat from the backrest and further strengthening the quality of the material and workmanship. Secondly, we decided to reinvent the YOMI by developing collaborations with artists to create exclusive products, produced in editions of between 35 and 100, depending on the model.


Because we're keen to bring design to as many people as possible, MOJOW has long relied on a network of dealers to cover the entire country.

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Mojow tested in real life!

The Mojow furniture is recognizable among 1000. With its fun design and pop colors, it's impossible not to notice. But Mojow chairs and sofas are also easy to care for, UV-resistant, comfortable and extremely durable. We prove it to you?

The MOJOW team went to meet you to collect your opinions.

A street interview in which we jump in with you, for a life-size test!