Enter the ultra design universe of Mojow and its modern armchairs

The new YOMI armchairs and sofas have evolved. The seats are no longer welded to the backrests. This makes it possible to mix and match colors and facilitates cleaning.

Yomi armchairs, luminous or in limited edition, here are Mojow modern armchairs. Bold design, produced in hyper resistant and eco-responsible materials, Mojow furniture is easy to maintain. It can be used alone among your furniture as a design object. You can also assemble armchair, sofa and outdoor coffee table to create your own modern and original design garden furniture.

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Mojow Yomi is available in 4 collections

Yomi Eko

With the Yomi Eko collection, the natural world comes into your home. This design furniture extends the plant landscape of your garden. It also introduces a trendy note in your interior design. In this collection, the Yomi Eko Wood series with PEFC wood frames takes another step towards the eco-responsibility displayed by Mojow Design with recyclable and biodegradable materials.

Yomi Limited Edition

In 2020, Mojow Design unveiled its first 4 exceptional pieces of interior design furniture, created in collaboration with French artist NEP. An emerging artist, recognized in the movement of free figuration and Neo-expressionism, NEP signed a modern sofa and a designer armchair totally new that found their place in the Mojow Design universe. Since then, new artists have joined the Mojow adventure by creating new limited editions of the emblematic Yomi.

Yomi Style

The Yomi Style collection is adorned with an elegant piping that underlines its contemporary shapes. This hand-stitched detail of character blends perfectly with the transparency of the material. Available in white, red or black, the Mojow Yomi Style collection has a strong singularity in the world of design furniture.

Yomi Luminous

The latest addition to the Mojow Yomi range, the Yomi Lumineux collection, still an eco-responsible product, reveals a frosted aspect to diffuse the light that has been installed directly inside the furniture thanks to an ingenious LED lighting system. It is the element that will bring originality to your evenings by the fire or on the terrace. You have been looking for a luminous armchair for a long time? Mojow has designed it for you.

All products in the Mojow Yomi line are environmentally friendly and designed to last for years. They are resistant to extreme temperatures and have been given a UV treatment. They are easy to care for and can be cleaned with soap and water.

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