MOJOW enters its fourth year of existence. Over the past 4 years, we've been constantly developing our products to produce YOMI products of exceptional quality for the residential, B-to-B and events markets.

MOJOW was born from a crazy idea of its designer, Olivier Santini. At the crossroads of styles and functions, our design furniture is there to provoke emotions, evoke images, suggest sensations.

It is in this new state of mind that Olivier has combined curiosity and intuition to reinvent the lifestyles of tomorrow. A future of furniture where received ideas are made to be shaken up.

MOJOW is like a creative laboratory established in Touraine that has convinced the design temples of the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the MoMA in San Francisco. A place of knowledge and sensibility that has given birth to a new collection of design furniture for cosmopolitan generations and urban tribes eager for singularity.

Inside, outside, sitting, lying down, with MOJOW, everything is allowed. The future of furniture is here.

Olivier Santini, designer

Olivier Santini was born in 1966. He's been drawing since childhood, with an emphasis on ideas and originality. During his studies, he developed a love of aesthetics, graphic shapes and the lines of materials, and enjoyed interacting with metalworkers and welders.

At the age of 20, he set up a group of marketing and design agencies, putting his experience and creativity to work for customers. Success was not long in coming.

Analyzing furniture designs, he felt that there was too much monotony, not enough color, and that everything looked the same, so he decided to create his own furniture collection. His aim was to create furniture that was different, fun, pop, with optimistic, refreshing colors that bring light and cheerfulness to indoor and outdoor spaces.

In 2019 he is creating the YOMI collection, playful, attractive and innovative In&outdoor furniture unlike any other. Lightweight and easy to install. Then in 2022 he creates the MW collection, a collection of colorful, racy luxury furniture, works of art, numbered and signed, capable of defying time and trends.

MIAW Design Award 2022

DNA Paris Design Award 2023 with model MW05

MOJOW reconnu par les pros !

DNA Paris Design Awards 2023

2023 WINNER - Product design category

The DNA Paris Design Awards honors designs in the disciplines of Architecture, Interior design, Landscape Design, Graphic Design and Products design awarding the best designers worldwide.

MIAW Design Awards 2022

2022 WINNER - Equipement intérieur

Created in 2013 by Muuuz magazine, the MIAW (Muuuz International Awards) annually recognize the most outstanding products in architecture, interior design and decoration.


Design, chic et fun, le mobilier gonflable et haut de gamme de MOJOW se prête à tous les styles, en indoor comme en outdoor, le tout avec audace.

Hyper résistants, indémodables et toujours élégants, nos éléments de mobilier gonflables, du fauteuil moderne Yomi au salon de jardin designYoko, restent minimalistes & classiques, peuvent se prêter à une ambiance zen & romantique, ou encore scandinave.

Le TPU est la matière utilisée pour la conception des assises et dossiers. Celle-ci est recyclable, biodégradable et ne contient pas de chlore, en plus de présenter l’avantage d’être inodore.

MOJOW s'inscrit donc dans une démarche éco-responsable avec l’objectif de réduire considérablement son empreinte carbone.


Your interior reflects your personality. MOJOW offers you the possibility to go to the end of your desires and your ideas. Customize each module of your furniture. Fill it with your most beautiful inventions, inflate it, and it's done!

Feathers, straws, marbles, confetti, LEDs, Lego©... The only limit is your imagination! Ready to let your creativity run wild? Discover how to customize your chairs and sofas in video!


At the crossroads of styles and functions, MOJOW furniture evokes images, suggests sensations, provokes emotions... It's a new state of mind, where curiosity and intuition invent tomorrow's lifestyles, where received ideas are made to be shaken up.

MOJOW is a creative laboratory that has convinced the design temples of the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the MoMA in San Francisco.


NEP is an artist from Tours who works on the spot, without questioning his subject, giving free rein to his sensations. Basquiat, Picasso and Rouault are his main artistic references.

He collaborates for the first time with Mojow in 2021. Since then, NEP's creations are declined at MOJOW through three models of design furniture of the Yomi range with a sofa and an opaque armchair with transparent seat, a set of white translucent complete living room furniture and a version in luminous pink. He also dedicated two of his creations to the MW series of MOJOW


Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Stephanie graduated with a degree in art from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Through independent study and academic concentrations, she has been exploring traditional and digital graphic design, fashion design, textile arts and sculpture for the past 15 years. Based in New York City, she carved out a niche for herself in digital design, an unexplored and underdeveloped path in the fashion industry at the time. In 2015, Stephanie founded Society of Wonderland, an independent art studio in Brooklyn, NY, to further develop and reveal her niche in art and design.

Stephanie has dedicated her designs for MOJOW to two luminous "Open bar" furniture models (sofa, armchair and ottoman) and two opaque models entitled "Atelier" and "Oxygen".


"With MOJOW's EXCLUSIVE line, I wanted to create a new collection with bold design, premium quality and particularly meticulous finishes." Olivier SANTINI (designer)

Designed and manufactured in France, in materials of exceptional quality and respect for the environment, MOJOW EXCLUSIVE designer armchairs and sofas are designed to give your interior a timeless, offbeat touch.

A new, almost abstract graphic approach that allows this new range of designer furniture to animate space like a sculpture.

We wanted the MW products in the Exclusive line to be made in France, in collaboration with quality craftsmen close to us, to ensure an impeccable finish.

The MW collection is available in clear tempered glass, colored "sécurit" glass or clear and colored PMMA. We've installed cushions in 6 different colors of TPU, or in foam. As an option, the cushions can be totally or partially covered with fabric covers.

The 5 models in the MW Exclusive collection are infinitely customizable. On request, you can create a totally unique model for each model by combining colors and customizing the frames as you wish. You can also print, engrave or sandblast a motif or logotype.

Various models are also available in exceptional limited editions, in collaboration with artists from different fields or glass artisans.


Do you have a specific project in mind? From a minimum order of 100 pieces, we can produce a customized product, with a choice of materials, colors and thicknesses, right up to the printing of your seat.

This means you can design and upholster your own inflatable sofa models, or imagine your own line of modern armchairs, for example.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information via our contact form.


If you're a business looking to impress your customers and visitors with a modern, designer lounge ensemble, then you've come to the right place!

MOJOW's bold, unique furniture will modernize your reception areas and enhance your corporate image.

The contemporary design of our sofas, armchairs and coffee tables, the cheerful color schemes of our different ranges and their comfortable seating, will have a lasting effect on your visitors. Remember, it's often first impressions that stick!


At trade shows, conventions, seminars and receptions, every detail of the venue is important. It must be useful to the dynamics of the event.

That's why the design of MOJOW furniture elements is sure to stand out. The versatility of our different modules means we can adapt to your requirements and constraints.

MOJOW is also a concentrate of life and color, synonymous with original atmospheres!


We like to cultivate our audacity and non-conformism, with simplicity and conviviality!

Light and cheerful, the shapes of our contemporary furniture express the pleasure of entertaining and blend perfectly with more conventional styles. Ideal for creating a lively atmosphere in bars, hotels and restaurants.

TPU: an eco-responsible, durable material