a) Duration of the guarantee:

The company MOJOW, manufacturer of MOJOW furniture, gives this product a warranty against defects in workmanship and material

on the furniture MOJOW for 1 year, from the date of purchase of the customer. In the event that a defect occurs on the product

due to defects in workmanship or material during this period, then contact the customer service of

MOJOW CUSTOMER SERVICE. In case the defect is caused by manufacturing or material defects, MOJOW will repair the product or replace it, according to the conditions mentioned above.

MOJOW will repair the product or replace it, according to the conditions mentioned below, provided that the product has been used for the purposes mentioned in this manual and that MOJOW furniture has been used for the purposes mentioned in this manual.

MOJOW furniture has been handled according to the introductions described in this manual.


b) Conditions of application:

The warranty applies only if the original purchase invoice or receipt (on which the date of purchase and the name of the distributor must be mentioned) is available.

purchase and the name of the distributor) is sent to MOJOW. MOJOW reserves the right to refuse the guarantee in the case where the invoice or the receipt

the receipt can not be presented. The warranty will not apply in the cases not exhaustively provided below.


c) Warranty exclusions: 

The warranty does not apply in the following non-limiting cases:

Periodic maintenance, changes or repairs that are the result of normal wear and tear.

Damage resulting from an inflation error.

Lack of maintenance or inadequate maintenance.

Any modification or adaptation of MOJOW furniture. Without prior written approval of MOJOW.

Transportation costs and all risks of transport that has a direct or indirect relationship with the product warranty.

In the case of a customization of MOJOW products through the use of products and materials inside and outside the inflatable

outside of the inflatable.

Damage resulting from improper use, including but not limited to (A) use of the product

for purposes other than those for which it is intended or use that does not coincide with MOJOW's instructions

instructions for proper use and maintenance and (B) installation or use not in accordance with applicable technical or safety standards

or safety standards, the country in which the product is used and a product installed improperly or incorrectly.

incorrectly installed.

Damage resulting from repairs made by persons other than MOJOW employees or by the customer himself.

or by the customer himself.

Damages being the consequence of any event or any other case of force majeure or fortuitous events outside MOJOW

as defined by law or legislation in force.

(B) This warranty does not affect the legal rights of the customer under the national legislation in force and not the rights of the customer that arise from the contract of sale.

rights of the customer arising from the contract of purchase / sale between the customer and the supplier.


d) Warranty procedure

In case of problem on a MOJOW product, in order to open the warranty file, the customer will have to send his purchase invoice, the photo of his product in situation and to send a zoom on the encountered problem to the following address: [email protected]

If the defect is not proven and not visible on the photos, the customer will have to return his mattress at his expense to the following address MOJOW, 5 rue René Cassin, 37390 Notre Dame d'Oé, France. Once found the defect if it falls within the warranty, MOJOW will return a new mattress to the customer. The sending of the mattress will be charged to the customer.

In the event that the problem is under warranty, but it is impossible for MOJOW to immediately replace the mattress with an identical mattress, MOJOW, undertakes to provide the customer with a date for the replacement of the defective mattress, or to offer a replacement with a similar model.


You must receive written approval from MOJOW before returning a defective product.

If the warranty conditions below are met, you will need to contact MOJOW customer service:



5 rue René Cassin, 37390 Notre Dame d'Oé, France.

02 47 74 51 98

[email protected]


MOJOW will assess whether the defect found will require or not the replacement or repair of MOJOW furniture.

As such, you must leave MOJOW all facilities to proceed to the observation of any defects to allow him

to remedy them under the warranty below.