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YOMI Solo Pouffe
  • YOMI Solo Pouffe
  • YOMI Solo Pouffe

YOMI Solo Pouffe

Made from eco-responsible materials and full of contrast, this pouffe is definitely on trend.

A small, discreet and elegant pouf, the YOMl SOLO pouf will introduce a resolutely trendy color and design to your interior, in complete discretion.

This small inflatable pouf combines modern design and practicality. Perfect for placing on a rug around a coffee table, in a children's room or even in a reading corner, it brings added value to any interior decoration. Its elegance and versatility make it an irresistible choice.

1 YOMI SOLO Pouf: 25 euros (unit price - excluding promotions).

3 YOMI SOLO Poufs: 19 euros (unit price - excluding promotions).

5 YOMI SOLO Poufs: 15 euros (unit price - excluding promotions).

$ USD 30.00
Color: Orange

Volume discounts

Quantity Unit discount You Save
3 $ USD 7.09 $ USD 21.26
5 $ USD 11.91 $ USD 59.55

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TPU is a "cold" material. Transparent models let the sun's rays through, so they remain cool to the touch even when exposed to direct sunlight! (However, we recommend a shady spot for smoked black).

Care: Use soapy water or ice-cream detergent. Do not use alcohol or acetone.

Winter storage: If you're located in a rainy, cold area in winter, we recommend protecting your Mojow with a cover or putting it back in its suitcase.

Warranty: 1 year

Delivery to your home in 72 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays)


TPU is a new recyclable and biodegradable material, odorless and chlorine-free. An innovative and durable material, TPU combines technical properties of strength and flexibility. It provides excellent resistance to temperature extremes (high and low), and has exceptional impact, tear and UV resistance properties.

Our products are designed to last. Thanks to a hyper-resistant TPU of 0.8 mm, thicker than a swimming pool liner, a MOJOW chair can comfortably accommodate a person weighing up to 150 kg (300 kg of resistance for a sofa).

Dogs and cats allowed! The hyper-resistant TPU of our armchairs and sofas allows our animal friends to settle in without risk. However, be careful: If you have a young dog that wants to teethe, or a cat that wants to claw, it is obvious that they will damage your MOJOW.

Impossible to pierce a MOJOW by inadvertence, our products fear only the malicious stabs of knife!

All our products are fireproof, to meet the safety standards of the luxury hotel industry.


Data sheet

1 kg
Maximum supported weight
100 Kilos
Ultra-strong eco-friendly TPU
Ultra-strong eco-friendly TPU.

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Umweltverträgliches Produkt

TPU ist ein neues recycelbares und biologisch abbaubares Material, geruchsfrei und chlorfrei. Als innovatives, langlebiges Material vereint TPU technische Eigenschaften von Stärke und Flexibilität. Es bietet eine ausgezeichnete Beständigkeit gegen extreme Temperaturen (hoch und niedrig) sowie außergewöhnliche Stoß-, Reiß- und UV-Beständigkeit.

Dank TPU und der Optimierung seiner Verpackung setzt MOJOW auf einen ökologischen Ansatz und strebt an, seinen CO2-Fußabdruck erheblich zu reduzieren.

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