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YOMI Luminous "OPEN BAR" Armchair by Society of Wonderland
  • YOMI Luminous "OPEN BAR" Armchair by Society of Wonderland
  • YOMI Luminous "OPEN BAR" Armchair by Society of Wonderland
  • YOMI Luminous "OPEN BAR" Armchair by Society of Wonderland
  • YOMI Luminous "OPEN BAR" Armchair by Society of Wonderland

YOMI Luminous "OPEN BAR" Armchair by Society of Wonderland

Mojow DESIGN is proud to present its new collaboration with Society of Wonderland. Models that explore the lines and styles of the past, updated for a resolutely modern design result.

This luminous YOMI "Open bar" armchair is limited to 60 units worldwide.

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TPU is a "cold" material. Transparent models let the sun's rays through, so they remain cool to the touch even when exposed to direct sunlight! (However, we recommend a shady corner for smoked black).

Black aluminum frame.

With intensive or extreme use, there's no risk of a weld between the seat and back tearing, as the welds are no longer present.

Care: use soapy water or ice-washing detergent. Do not use alcohol or acetone.

Winterization: if you're located in a rainy, cold area in winter, we recommend either protecting it with a cover, or putting it back in its case.

Warranty: 4 years, with the possibility of a one-year extension.

Delivery to your home within 72 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays).


Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Stephanie is an art graduate from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Through independent studies and academic concentrations, she has been exploring traditional and digital graphic design, fashion design, textile arts, and sculpture for 15 years. Now based in New York, she has carved out a niche for herself in digital design, a path that was unexplored and underdeveloped in the fashion industry at that time. In 2015, Stephanie founded the Society of Wonderland, an independent art studio in Brooklyn, NY, to further develop and showcase her niche in art and design.

Stéphanie has dedicated her creations for MOJOW to two models of luminous furniture, "Open Bar" and "Open Bar Pink" (sofa, armchair, and ottoman) and two opaque models named "Atelier" and "Oxygen".


Data sheet

9.6 kg
Maximum supported weight
150 Kilos
Eco-friendly TPU and black aluminum frame
New ultra-strong, recyclable and biodegradable material, odorless and chlorine-free

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UV protection

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Seating comfort

Eco-responsible product 

TPU is a new recyclable and biodegradable material, odorless and chlorine-free. An innovative, durable material, TPU combines technical properties of strength and flexibility. It offers excellent resistance to extremes of temperature (high and low), as well as exceptional shock, tear and UV resistance.

Thanks to TPU and the optimization of its packaging, MOJOW is committed to an ecological approach and aims to considerably reduce its carbon footprint.


The new YOMI chairs

The new YOMI chairs have evolved. The seats are no longer welded to the backrests. This makes it possible to mix and match colors and facilitates cleaning.

When you buy a two-tone YOMI model, you get an additional seat in the color of your choice.

TPU: an eco-responsible, hard-wearing material