MW04 pink armchair
  • MW04 pink armchair
  • MW04 pink armchair
  • MW04 pink armchair
  • MW04 pink armchair
  • MW04 pink armchair
  • MW04 pink armchair
  • MW04 pink armchair

MW04 pink armchair

A new, almost abstract graphic approach allows this chair to animate the space like a sculpture. Visually strong, the unconventional spirit of this new kind of seating brings a fun dynamic to new contemporary interiors.

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The MW02 model is a design armchair made in France, created by the French designer Olivier SANTINI.

The models of the MW collection are infinitely customizable. You can thus, for each of the models and on simple request, create a completely unique model by associating the colors and by personalizing the walls with your desire (Possibility of printing, of engraving and sandblasting a reason or a logotype).

Made of high-end technical and eco-responsible materials, this chair MW02 by Mojow offers an ultra comfortable seat is an incomparable rendering to your interior.

Technical information : 

- TPU cushions and stainless steel mirror tubes of 710 mm

- Stainless steel mirror finish, screws and washers

- 12 mm safety glass armrests with stainless steel mirror strip on the edge


Data sheet

19 kg
Maximum supported weight
150 kilos
Colored PMMA armrests, TPU cushions and 710 mm stainless steel mirror tubes


The various MW ranges feature a designer seat with TPU* cushions available in 6 colors (transparent, blue, smoked black, pink, orange and green) or a more traditional seat with cushions in very firm, hypoallergenic and antibacterial HR40 outdoor or indoor foam, covered with the fabric of your choice.

Seating, a revolution in the furniture sector:

The TPU seat revolutionizes the furniture sector with its innovative design and unique aesthetic. Composed of transparent and colored TPU cushions, it stands out for its durability and unrivalled seating comfort. 

Unlike traditional inflatable cushions, these TPU cushions are sealed and pre-filled with air, preventing any leakage. 

Adjusted air pressure, combined with TPU texture, provides exceptional comfort while giving your MW a distinctive design.

Developed for the aeronautical industry, TPU is a material renowned for its remarkable strength and eco-friendly properties. 

Not only do TPU seats come with a 20-year warranty, they are also designed to retain inserted air for a long time, ensuring unparalleled longevity.

*Containing no chlorine, TPU is odorless even at high temperatures, unlike PVC, for example. In direct sunlight, its surface remains cool to the touch, and it is UV-resistant.

TPU cushions are available bare or partially covered with fabric, while foam cushions are fully covered with fabric.

Glass structures for indoor use

Glasses are available in clear tempered diamond glass and colored safety glass. They can be individually customized, are all signed, and all have a unique identification number to ensure traceability. 

Customization is possible from the first unit ordered. It is possible to have the glass in different colors, to print a motif on a film and insert it between two glass plates, to engrave the glass plates, to engrave and sandblast the glass plates.


With unrivalled transparency of 92% and easy maintenance, PMMA (3 colors) is also ultra impact-resistant, UV-stable (30-year UV warranty) and 4 times lighter than glass, making it easy to move around outdoors. PMMA can also be repolished after several years, to restore its new look. Cast PMMA's fire resistance is fairly low (M4), but it has the great advantage, unlike other, higher-rated materials, of releasing very little smoke, with no toxicity.

PMMA can also be recycled, and has the added advantage of being reusable.


You can also ask us to make the covers in the fabric of your choice. We stock covers and slipcovers for our armchair cushions in 12 different fabric patterns 

LEOBERT-SOSHAGRO (5 colors available) : Vegan and flame-retardant, Soshagro covers are also highly resistant and easy to care for.  

RUNNER-GABRIEL: Thanks to its semi-transparent quality and 3D look, Runner is a highly visual and eye-catching fabric. EU ecolabeled and UV-treated, GABRIEL Runner fabrics (7 colors available) are flame-retardant and easy-care (machine wash at 40°).

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