Mojow creates partnerships with contemporary and independent artists to imagine unique and singular lines of furniture. From modern designer living rooms to trendy sofas, Mojow lends its universe of edgy, fun and daring design furniture to the imaginations of national and international artists and designers. 

These collaborations give rise to rare indoor and outdoor furniture creations. This is also our vision of design: unique pieces accessible to all.


NEP is a French painter with a national exhibition. His creative work is a never-ending inner adventure in which he unconsciously conveys his dreams and anxieties in each composition. This Touraine artist works from life, without questioning his subject. He gives free rein to his sensations. This is what drives him, and what you'll find in each of his furniture creations for Mojow.

In 2021, he collaborated with Mojow for the first time. His creations take the form of three designer furniture models in the Yomi range. These include an opaque Yomi sofa and armchair with transparent seat (link to product sheet to be created) available in black & white or color, as well as a complete translucent white lounge set which also comes in a pink and luminous version (link to product sheet of luminous NEP lounge to be created).

With the release of MOJOW EXCLUSIVE's MW series (link to MW category page), NEP is dedicating two of its creations to this prestigious collection that oscillates between luxury and design.


Stephanie Eventov founded Society of Wonderland, an independent art studio based in Brooklyn, NY, in 2015. She brings an original aesthetic to product design, interiors and public spaces, using geometric and linear elements in an organic way, referencing previous decades. A designer furniture creator, Stéphanie pushes the boundaries of digital art into the real world, with a strong emphasis on color and the personalization of each work of art.

An art graduate from the University of Wisconsin, Stéphanie has been exploring traditional and digital graphic design, fashion design, textile arts and sculpture for the past 15 years.

For MOJOW, she dedicates her creations, available in 2 colors, to two Lumineux furniture models. The Yomi "Open bar" armchair and the Yomi "Open bar" sofa, as well as the Yomi pouffe. Two other models of opaque and colorful design furniture are available as the Yomi "Oxygen" or "Atelier" sofa, the Yomi "Oxygen" armchair & "Atelier" and the Yomi "Atelier" pouffe & "Oxygen" available in an XL / large format version.