The iconic YOMI range

The Mojow Yomi range is the starting point for the French design furniture brand Mojow. The brainchild of designer Olivier Santini, the Mojow Yomi range takes both indoor and outdoor furniture into a new dimension.

With its striking lines of modern armchairs, sofas and lounge sets, the Mojow Yomi range has made French design timeless.


ojow creates partnerships with contemporary and independent artists to imagine unique and singular lines of furniture. From modern designer living rooms to trendy sofas, Mojow lends its universe of edgy, fun and daring design furniture to the imaginations of national and international artists and designers.

These collaborations give rise to rare indoor and outdoor furniture creations. This is also our vision of design: unique pieces accessible to all.

MW - 100% customizable and Made in France

Designed and manufactured in France, using materials of exceptional quality and respect for the environment, MW by Mojow designer armchairs and sofas are designed to give your interior a timeless, quirky touch. A new, almost abstract graphic approach that allows this new range by Mojow to animate space like a sculpture.

From now on, all MW models come with an additional seat. If you've chosen a TPU seat, we'll give you a foam seat covered with the vegan leather of your choice from our catalog. Conversely, if you've chosen a foam seat, we'll give you an additional TPU seat in the color of your choice.


Discover all our new products and the Mojow universe in our 2023 catalog.

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