Enter the ultra-design world of Mojow and its modern armchairs.

Yomi armchairs, luminous or in limited series, here are Mojow modern armchairs. Boldly designed, made from super-strong, eco-responsible materials, Mojow furniture is easy to maintain. It can be used on its own among your furniture as a design object. You can also assemble outdoor armchairs, sofas and coffee tables to create your own modern, original garden furniture. They are also ideal for use in bars, hotels and events. YOMI armchairs combine style and functionality, meeting the needs of the most demanding spaces thanks to clever packaging, while offering unique elegance.

Both indoor and outdoor furniture, the Yomi range includes a series of timeless designer sofas, conceived and designed for optimum seating comfort. The sleek, fun style of these modern, top-of-the-range sofas offers a unique, on-trend look. Easy to care for, our designer sofas will easily find their place in your garden, on your terrace or by the pool. Each of these pieces of furniture can also be found in our sets and garden furniture. Their design, combining modern aesthetics and practicality, makes them transportable and easy to install, even in spaces with architectural constraints. YOMI transforms every space, boldly combining comfort and elegance.

Redefine your interior or exterior with a modern, high-end lounge with a unique design.

Eko, Style or luminous, the Yomi range has also been extended to include modern, designer lounges. The idea? To offer you complete living room sets, inspired by the range that has made our top-of-the-range furniture products famous, both in France and internationally. At Mojow, you'll find garden furniture with a timeless design, produced using super-strong, eco-responsible materials. The clean, fun style of our creations makes them high-end, luxurious furniture products. It's this approach to furniture that will give your indoor living room or summer garden a unique touch tomorrow. 

Their innovative design and packaging guarantee adaptability even in spaces with architectural constraints, offering easy installation. 

With YOMI, combine comfort and style with elegance, bringing a unique signature to your spaces.

Ultra transportable by Mojow

Dive into the world of Mojow's YOMI poufs and benches: design pieces that subtly combine aesthetics and functionality. Eco-friendly, these sturdy TPU seats on aluminum frames appeal to an urban, cosmopolitan generation in search of something new. YOMI poufs, with their transparent, vibrant design, inject a playful touch into any decor. They blend perfectly with a variety of furnishings, creating a harmonious, trendy ensemble. More than just a visual asset, these occasional seats are easy to transport and install, adapting to even the most demanding spaces for unrivalled design flexibility.

Timeless and elegant, the YOKO coffee table lends itself to all interior styles, and will also easily find its place by the pool or on your terrace. Design, contemporary and surprising shapes are the hallmarks of this furniture, made from eco-responsible materials, which will easily find its place in your garden or on your terrace, as well as in your home.


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